A walk to the park

Most people when heading off to the park, grab their picnic bag and the football and dive in the car. Well for me its a little different. firstly I exchange the picnic bag for a camera bag, I do dive in the car though (not mine I don’t drive). My friend (and fellow photographer Vincent Yates) set off to the park. but being the way I am we don’t start at the park, no we start 4 mile away and walk (and drive) over hill and dale to it. So today we started at Owd Betts pub at Red lumbOwd betts

So off we trundled, the road firing shrapnel every time a car came by, soon came a right turn phew. Turning right again was a reservoir, it was to good a chance to miss a vast amount of water to get a few snaps.door to the water








It was at the point we realised that the park was a long way away, so back to the car.

Now if anyone has ever drove down Ashworth road (even at 20 mph) you will know its like a crazy rally track, you feel ever bump and are wary of every corner, after what felt like half of a welsh rally, (I’m not a good rally assistant) we came upon a wide corner with enough room to put the motor off the track. Tree’s on the left tree’s on the right, a perfect spot for a quick reccy. Now having camped near this spot many times in my youth (there is a scout camp about 100 yards up the track), I knew that below us was a river that cut its way through the valley, a similar looking force as the river that cut the Healey valley. So of we went into the tree’s to find a river (and perhaps some fall’s). What a shame, we found fallen trees and old camp sites with shed loads of empty cans, neatly built camp fires with old chairs left in the remains.  After fighting our way to the river (through the litter) I took a few of the river gladly this part wasn’t spoilt.

Ashwerth valley Rochdale

The only answer once we left this spoilt valley was toward Queens park, so back to the car. Now Queens park is a large oasis in the heart of Heywood, bringing family’s to an expanse of greenery in an industrial town. A previous host to concerts.