Adventures in Todmorden

Well its been the strangest and worst year of my life, It all started off well on New Year’s Eve kissing my (then) girlfriend at midnight. It went downhill pretty much from there. 5 days later my Mum passed away. The relationship with said girlfriend ended. People believed I was losing my mind and distanced themselves from me. Things needed to change.

So now 8 months later I’ve ditched my old life and started a fresh in Todmorden. (When I say ditched I don’t mean all my friends, I would have cracked up if it wasn’t for certain people and they will always be in my life.)

Now I know this blog post has started off on a negative note (It’s not going to be a negative post) but that was just to put in perspective the reasons for the move. (My Dad lives in Todmorden and has for a few years with my Mum, it wasn’t just a random move.)

Todmorden Stone

So a little about Todmorden (well what i know far,) Todmorden is a market town and civil parish in the Upper Calder Valley in Calderdale, West Yorkshire, England. It is about 5 miles (as the crow flies) from Whitworth. That’s about all I know so far, So My first week and a half has been about exploring and trying to meet some new people (Dad has helped with both of these.)

Well this post is about my first real explore with my camera and it had to be up a great big hill, (it seems everywhere you walk around here is up hill!!)

Well I set off up Doghouse lane climbing over 500 feet to the summit (when I say summit the hill carried on but I didn’t want to get lost.) There is a forest area to the right and open Sheep fields to the left. It was quite exciting wandering to the unknown, trying to figure out which way to go and what I would find.

Well what I found was astounding, At the top the hills seem to roll on forever. Below is the meeting of three valleys with the town in the middle. It was an awesome view. I spent a little while at the top, enjoying the wind in my face.

todmorden moors

Next was time for the wooded area back down the hill behind Todmorden Cricket Club and Centre Vale park.

Now I must say the place reminded my of parts of Healey dell, But it is as if someone has took the Dell and put it on a massive slope, A road (Sigget Lane) cuts through a (near vertical in places) forest of Beech, Oak and Horse Chestnut trees. The squirrels were running between trees, It seemed almost magical, (maybe rose tinted glasses there) I wandered down the hill with my head facing the canopy (I still have a sore neck) amazed by the height of the trees.

Sigget Lane Todmorden

Further down the hill I met a dilemma, there was 3 paths all in different directions, One was back up the hill (I didn’t want to do that, that hill is steep), one seemed to leave the forest (it wasn’t time to leave yet) and the third seemed to go deeper into the trees. So off I went into the trees.

Now this is where I sort of got lost. Well when I say lost, I wasn’t really lost, I knew I was behind the park (I could hear people playing and laughing) I just wasn’t sure where abouts I would end up, but such is life. I carried on.

This path snaked its way through the forest, tall trees on both sides and beams of light through the parts of the canopy that were void of leaves. I could quite happily stayed around there for a good while (I will return) but I was interested to find out where I will come out so I continued. Behind centre vale park todmorden

I eventually left this wooded area, and turned up just where I had started (bonus)

All in all it was a enjoyable and successful (I didn’t stay lost) walk Now bring on the next one. (Waterfall hunting in Todmorden, Stay tuned.)


All the images in the gallery below will soon be available to purchase in my Art store, if you can’t wait until then please drop me  a message.