Ellenroad Steam Museum 2nd February 2014

Located in Newhey, Rochdale.

On the first Sunday of each month, the world’s largest working steam mill engines, Victoria and Alexandra are brought to life by volunteers.  The Ellenroad cotton mill was built in 1892, and sadly demolished in 1985. the only parts left are the engine and boiler house’s and the 220-foot high chimney. The Flywheel is a sight to behold, with a 28 foot diameter and weighing over 80 tons, and when it spins you would think something so vast would shake the room. it doesn’t, not a peep.

As an addition to the mighty steam engine, the site also holds events on “steaming days”, these range from Vintage motorcycles, Classic cars, The Meccano Society and various traditional Lancashire dance troops (including the famous Britannia Coconutters)

The building also houses a bookshop and cafe.

So the question is would I visit again? Try stopping me.