Halloween / Bonfire night photo shoot.

Halloween 2013

Well I seem to have been a little lazy when it comes to keeping my blog up to date, one thing I have not been lazy about though is getting out and about for evening shoots. On Halloween I joined a few like minded individuals and ventured down into the Dell in the dark for a fancy dress photo shoot.  Now I must point out this was not a paid event, it was purely for fun, and it was (even though it was cold and dark). I even dressed up.

The other event was of course Bonfire night. A strange British tradition that seems to have a history relating to a terrorist attack, but it is enjoyed by many people across the UK every November. This year was my first attempt at capturing Fireworks. I have always liked Firework photo’s and I was looking forward to getting some of my own. So being the mad reader I am I found lots of articles across the net to help me prepare for the big day (or night should I say). Nearly all I read mentioned a tripod and a slow shutter speed set up, so on the 5th I set off up to The Red Lion bonfire and Firework display with my gear (and the Wife and Kids). I set my tripod up and changed my camera setting to a 10sec shutter f/18 aperture and pointed my camera to the sky. Now one thing I didn’t read about in the many blogs and tip sheets, was that fireworks (depending on the type) finish at different points in the sky. I ended up taking a lot of photos of just plain black sky until I got lucky. My first one had the bang of the firework as it exploded in the sky, but not the long tendrils that I have seen in so many photo’s online. So after a couple of changes to the settings I managed to capture the photo I was after. 25sec f/22 400iso at 24mm set up.

Red Lion 2013
Red Lion 2013
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