Let there be rain

Well today the rain was falling, the light was bad, but the squirrels were out; I still ventured out into the Dell. I set off hoping the rain would hold off and the light would improve, it didn’t. But not being a quitter (or perhaps I’m mental) I continued. Now if you are contending with light and rain while taking photographs, a lot of sites will talk of ISO settings (how sensitive your camera is to light). ISO is so important when taking Photos in darker areas (inside etc), But increasing the ISO also increases grain to your finished image.

But the tip I am going to give you today is way more important than that. And that tip is “dry cloths”. You may have set up you camera perfectly but a rain drop on the lens will ruin 99% of photo’s. Now in a perfect world, when shooting in the rain you will always have a hood attached, but we don’t all own hoods for our camera. So ensure you carry lots of cloths, I carry at least 10 cloths at all times. Wipe often and always use a dry cloth, A wet cloth will just make the lens worst. Microfibre cloths can be picked up from the internet for a very little amount of money.rain drops

Here is an image that gives you an idea of what a water drop on the lens can do to a photo.

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