Living with Anxiety – Karl part 10, The Isolation special

Well the country is in turmoil because of a virus, Its called Covid-19, It has (to this date) killed 33 thousand people across the globe, and we have been told to stay in our homes.

Well that’s a nice start to a blog post isn’t it.

This next ramblings by me is about my life in lockdown.

Let’s start from the being. This all started in China with someone eating a bat, (well if the facebook horror stories are to be believed) My view is more, its a virus, it happens. The first cases where in a place called Wulan, which I have never heard of. They suffered bad by all accounts and sadly the thing soon got around the world. Now some people are surprised by this, I’m not. We live (well not me) a life where the globe is a lot smaller than it once was. Think about it, You have shook hands with someone who has shook hands with someone who has shook hands with someone who has met someone famous, that’s how the world works now. So thats Covid-19, well sort of.

Ok well so how is Karls life going?

I am allowed out of my house for Exercise, Basic essentials (Is Beer essential?) and Medical supplies, and we are not to meet people for gatherings etc, including friends and family. We have to follow social distancing (2 metres apart at all times). They are the rules and I totally get this.

But I’m now going to pick this apart from the mind of someone with Anxiety.

Leaving the house

Ok not leaving the house.. Now most would think that someone with anxiety would love this. Well I don’t, Having something like freedom taken away is the worst horror. Sometimes, if the anxiety monster visits I need to run. Well now I can’t, I know Im allowed out for exercise etc but the thought of being told off for being out of my house is a bigger scare then the virus. I spend everyday scared I may get told off for being outside. My hands shake constantly until I have done my shop run.

Basic Essentials.

What is a basic essential? One thing I think is essential isn’t the same to you. I went to a local shop and bought some lager, The girl behind the counter asked me if it was essential, I told her yes, She told me and I quote “you lot need to stop this” Now who is “you lot”? and you know nothing of my life and it’s not your place to say what I buy. I know shop sellers are on the “front line” but no need to question me. (If you disagree, hard luck it’s my blog so fuck off)


See leaving the house.

Social Distancing

So with this rule I have to stay 2 metres away from any human, I have spent most of my life doing this (well almost, I have children). But being told I can’t shake my Dads hand or I can’t hug people is awful, I haven’t had adult human contact for weeks, (well part of that is because im a dick) Even though its something i’m not really into its amazing how much it hurts when it’s taken away.

So how am I doing?

I keep getting messages / texts etc asking how I am. I always answer, “I’m good” But am I? No I dont think I am.