Living with Anxiety – Karl Part 2

When I lived in Oldham, I lived in a large flat above a Kebab shop on Union Street. It was a 2 storey flat. with a very large downstairs and 2 rooms upstairs. The place had a pretty bad mice problem, I use to lie in bed listening to them running around. I remember coming downstairs one day to find a dead mouse on top of our little black and white TV. (it had been found by my flat mate, He thought it would be funny to place it on the TV). The most horrifying rodent moment I had in that flat was when I found the loose floor board in the bathroom.  I was hoping for treasure, as I removed the floor board, a sudden rancid smell hit my nostrils. beneath the loose board was a yellowing rotted rat. I was nearly sick. My flat mate who had the stomach of a warrior from roman times laughed.

The paramedics placed me in a chair and attempted to take me down the stairs. Now this was a pretty scary time, I was more scared about this then the stabbing. (I must admit at this point I still wasn’t sure I had been stabbed) The stairs where very steep. thankfully I wasn’t dropped. It was then into the ambulance. I wasn’t alone in the Ambulance, A young chap had been hit over the head with a bottle (I later found out that the people who had attacked me where allegedly responsible for this chaps wounds also). I don’t really remember much of the journey to the hospital. But I arrived.

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