Living with Anxiety – Karl part 5

Hello all, three years ago I wrote a series of blogs named “Living with Anxiety” relating to my struggle with anxiety, and I feel it’s time to give an update on this. If you haven’t read the previous posts then the links to them are below. (please read them before continuing so you are not reading out of context) 

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Well here is where I am now.

The posts above were written just after the breakdown in my marriage. My kids had move away with their mother and I was all alone (I had some awesome friends around me but your family leaving is not good) So I wasn’t in a good place. I was living alone in a flat that I like to call the puddle (water used to drip from the ceiling, the walls turned black and I became ill and smelly, I must point out the smell was from the mold on my clothes not from being unclean.)

Now if you have read the above posts im sure you hope that I solved this terrible affliction, I did for a time,

Firstly after a worrying issue with the electrics in the flat I convinced a friend that it would be a good idea to share a house. We found on locally, All was good and It was dry, thank god. When I moved in I had to scrub and clean everything I owned to get rid of the smell and mold. Things seemed to be on the up for me. I was DJing in a local pub, meeting people and it was fun. I found a girl. All was good in the life of Karl.

On January 5th 2017 the shit hit the fan. My Mum passed away. It was totally unexpected, she wasn’t ill or anything she just went.

Now as some people know my anxiety has had a strange influence on me. I am unable to travel very far from home. I don’t use public transport, I don’t travel in cars very much. Well my parents live in Todmorden, I lived in Whitworth. Now to you normal people that’s not very far (it’s about 9 miles in a car, if you don’t know the area.) Well to me I may as well circumnavigate the planet. 

My (then) girlfriend stuck by me and helped me get through that horror. We attended the service.

Anyway me and said girlfriend split up. 

While I was trying to come to terms with my Mum passing away my Ex wife (we are technically still married) contacted me regarding my daughter. I won’t go into details here but she needed to come and live with me.  It wasn’t possible where I lived so I thought It was a good idea to move to Todmorden to be near my Dad. 

So here I am in Todmorden.

We lived at my Dads 1 bed flat for a while, sleeping on sofas. We now have a house. All is good then I hear you say. Life is a little bit more difficult than that.

Me and Joss