Living with Anxiety – Karl part 6

Welcome to part 6, (I’m glad you have stuck with me) 

When I last left you all I told you I had moved to Todmorden. let me tell you about that.

The reason I decided to move to Todmorden from Whitworth, It’s a complicated matter but the easy explanation is after my mum pass away in January 2017 It meant I could be closer to my Dad.

I moved over here on my parents wedding anniversary, I didn’t have a house or plan (I have always just tried to wing it) so I slept on my Dads sofa for a while, (not great for my bad back) I lived there from August to October. My Daughter came back to live with me at the end of August. 

I now have a house. (and I can now use garlic as much as I wish. My Dad hates the stuff.) 

Now as a person with anxiety a new place is a minefield, new place, new people, I had to sort a school for my daughter, find a house, sort out doctors, I had to rebuild my business in a new area (easier said than done), I basically had to speak to people!!! Let me explain how difficult that is. Do you easily go to a shop and ask for something from behind the counter? I have trouble asking for a plaster!

After my marriage broke down (I say broke down, but that is a total different story) my very good friend had to take me to sort out my bank account (I didn’t have my own, my wage was paid into my wife’s account, yes i’m a muppet) suddenly I had to sort everything myself, and 3 years on I had a 12 year old that needed me.

So with my Dads help I found a place, and he shifted my gear from my old place (my bff helped as he always does. I love you Bruv). It’s not the nicest place in the world, but it has water, heat and curtains I can close. I have a place to hide in Todmorden.

Once you have a base in a new area (whoever you are) the next step is meeting people. well this is quite hard for someone like me, so moving here has proved a little tricky, I only knew one person (My Dad), as I have said I have troubles just going and talking to people. My Dad has introduced me to a few folks, all are very good nice people, 

When you have anxiety it’s better to have some people (that are close, I mean right around the corner) that you trust 100%, This is something I haven’t yet sorted.