Living with Anxiety – Karl part 7

Welcome back to my anxiety blog

So here I am in Todmorden in my house, I have my stuff set up and it’s time to introduce myself to this town. 

Now if you are not knowledgeable about Todmorden, I will tell you a little about it. It’s a small place, there is a market and a few shops in the centre and then three roads. One to Burnley, one to Halifax and the last to Rochdale. It is a Pennine border town, sandwiched between Lancashire and West Yorkshire. Everywhere you walk you seem to be walking uphill (even when you walk back). It is a busy hive with stuff on all the time, It seems something is on every weekend.

Well this isn’t a blog about selling Todmorden to people, Its a blog about anxiety. 

My first anxiety, was about sorting my daughter in to the school. This took forever. I was in touch with the social worker (she didn’t help they never do but that’s a total different story). I spent so much time on my phone and waiting for letters. Now if she didn’t get into Tod high it would have to be a school out of town, I dont travel so that wouldn’t be good. Thankfully (eventually) I got a call asking me to go and meet with the head of year. It’s been a long while since I sat in front of a teacher (and mostly if I did I was in trouble). As I have said in my previous blogs I am not great at meeting / talking to people so this was a big deal. 

Going to meet somebody is fraught with issues for me. Firstly where do I go? If I get lost that means I have to find someone to ask the right way (this is not a good situation). I have to meet someone I don’t know, What if I panic? They don’t know me so won’t understand me. This causes me (sometimes) to drink before I have to meet people (this isn’t good especially at a school, I didn’t in this case but you get the idea). 

We got through the meeting and Joss has a place at the school. I sorted something. Maybe im getting better at this meeting people lark.  

Joss Todmorden high school anxiety blog post


This was just the start.

I have a (now) 13 year old I have to meet more people, (If you have a child, parents are forced into meeting the parents of their friends).