Snow days in Whitworth

Snow days in whitworth

Well as promised by the met office I woke on Saturday morning to a blanket of snow covering the valley. I love snow and I love taking photos in the snow, so I packed my bag up and headed out.

Snow days in whitworth Across to the cities


Knowing that the Dell would be busy with sledger’s, I headed toward Doctors wood. As I have mentioned in a previous blog Dr’s wood is actually named Fern isle wood. Heading through the trees my aim was the moorland above the wood. In this field lives and old tree, Its a strange looking tree but its one of my favourite’s. I believe it was struck by lightning many years ago, It always reminds me of the U2 album Joshua Tree.Snow days in Whitworth Joshua tree


Setting off at first light I headed into the Dell with the hope of spotting some of the wildlife, and I got lucky. Snow days in WHitworth Doe

After my encounter with the doe, I headed to the open moorland of Rushy Hill and Lobden. Rushy Hill is the end of this part of the Pennines and on a clear day you can see for miles over Rochdale and across to Manchester and the surrounding areas.  Directly below Rushy Hill is the now disused reservoirs know as Brown House Wham. One is now completely empty while the second is still part filled with water and can be a great place to spot some local waterfowl. Snow days in Whitworth Misty res


After the last 2 days trekking (up hill and over dales) I decided that today would be more of a leisurely affair. So sticking to the paths in the Dell was in order. Now only last week walking through the Dell I commented on how little Wildlife seemed to be about. Today it was Squirrel central.  Snow days in Whitworth Ive been spotted

The small bird population seems to have woken up again now the snow has appeared, Lots of the little fellows bobbing from tree to tree across the lines. And I got a lucky break when A grey Wagtail (one of our best looking birds in my opinion) lands in one of the none frozen puddles along the railway track. It must have been only around 6 feet from my feet and didn’t seem to bother about me in the slightest.Grey Wagtail in Healey Dell Whitworth Rochdale

After the last few day I may have a rest tomorrow but then again I do like the snow.

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