Stories of the past (intro)

To run alongside my Anxiety blog I have decided to share some of the stories from my life that I think are funny. I would like people who have read my other blog thread to realise that my life hasn’t been just negative chaos. I have seen many things and most of them have been funny, strange or manically odd. I would like to share them.

I worked in a bingo hall for close to twenty years and I met some amazing characters and have many totally true tales to tell.

I am going to try to post one a week, with the amount of stories I have these should last most of my life.

I will give you a little example of some of the people and situations I have been in. (I’m not going to use names of the people)

There was a chap who came to bingo every afternoon. He was in his day quiet a successful business man. He was aged around 60ish when I meet him. He had suffered a nervous breakdown after his mother passed. And he ended up living in a home. I use to look out for him and add to his money if he was short. He was a very funny man ( in a sense of humour way). There was 3 levels of him. If he had his right medication, he was perfect. If he had to little, he was out of control and then if he had to much, he drooled. One day he called me and a colleague over, knowing what he was like I accepted and joined him at his table. He searched in his bag and pulled out a copy of the Sun newspaper, he opened it straight to page 3. and exclaimed in a very loud voice. “Karl check out them tits” the bingo ladies nearby turned. I said to him “you shouldn’t say that pal” He scowled and then sprayed me with the cheapest crap deodorant that you can buy (you know the stuff that smells like cat piss) and sniggered and said “Well Karl you now smell like the puff you are” He was a legend and I miss him very much.