The best part of getting older is having more stories. A to Z – A is for Alistair

As people get older they accumulate life experiences some are sad some are funny. I am going to share some of mine in the upcoming blog posts. put in to 26 categories in fact, starting from A going through the alphabet to Z. Some will be funny stories, some will not, but all will be true. So I guess this is going to be an A-Z of my life. I hope you enjoy it, I have!

A is for Alistair

Alistair is my 12 year old boy, (he will be 13 soon) He lives with his mum in Wales but I talk to him often. He’s a funny Boy. He was born in 2007 and was premature by about 6 weeks, He arrived on his big sisters birthday, She’s two years older but they share their birthday. when he was about one week old he was taken back to hospital because of Jaundice. He was so small and spent nearly a week under a light with a face mask on. He wouldn’t take milk because he couldn’t suck on the teat (he didn’t have the strength) We was given a bag of teats from the hospital because they were made from softer rubber. He soon grew.

When Ally Boo (that’s was his nickname, Not sure he is that happy with it now) was about 2 we asked him what he wanted for Christmas. His answer was Cheese. His sister had asked for a tooth fairy game. So not wanting to upset either we bought the game and also wrapped up some cheese for the Boy.

Ally is a very black and white type boy. Things are the way they are and that’s how it is. One day after he had started nursery I arrived to pick him up and was asked inside to speak to the teacher. It turns out that while the group of toddlers had been sat in a circle they had been asked to stand up. the little girl next to Ally had not been as quick to stand as the other children. so Ally kicked her. I was so embarrassed and worried about the girl. The Teacher told me Ally admitted it straight away. telling them that he did it because she was not doing what the teacher had said. When I asked him, He admitted it, Saying “she should have done what she was told” Now Ally isn’t a violent child he just sees things different to other people (He has now been diagnosed with Autism)

I remember asking Ally what he wanted to be when he got older. He has always said a scientist, We sat and spoke (Ally must have been about 6) about his inventions, He had recently been talking about the environment at school and he was talking about the large windmills around where we lived. He said they needed something else. He suggested putting solar panels on each of the windmill blades to create more energy. He’s a very bright boy.

I asked Ally about his school life recently and if he played Football. He told me he was useless at football his words were “I alway get hit by the ball so I don’t play, I can be walking past a football field and the ball will still hit me” So I asked him about girls and he said “They play football too”

I recently was on the phone to Ally and when it came time to end the call I said “right i’m going to let you go” Without a break he said “don’t drop me it might hurt”

He is a legend