The best part of getting older is having more stories. A to Z – C is for Concerts

C is for Concerts

Well I haven’t been the biggest concert visitor in my life (big groups of people scare me) My first concert was to see Megadeath at the Apollo in Manchester and I have no stories about that concert, I do have for others though.


I went to see Metallica on the “Poor touring me” tour in 1996 at the Nynex Arena (now known as the Manchester Arena) in Manchester. The concert was amazing, they were supported by Corrosion of Conformity (which is a band I love) The stage was in the shape of a guitar and when Metallica played “One” was unforgettable. But this story is more about after the concert.

I went to the show with some friends (my then Girlfriend stayed at home) and after returning from Manchester (having drunk quite a few beers during the show) we went back to their house for a few more beers. Now back in the time I was a bit of a lightweight and after plenty of beers I decided it was time to walk home. The time was around 2am (ish It was nearly 25 years ago, so I don’t remember exactly). It was about a 15 minute walk home, so off I went into the night. I remember walking past Aldi then the next thing I remember is being awoken by my girlfriend at around 10am outside the house. I had used my jumper (I know who wears a jumper to a Metallica concert!!) as a pillow. To this day I have no idea where that time went and why I didn’t go inside. Maybe I was abducted by aliens. (Or I may have been to drunk to figure out how a door key works!!)

The Beautiful South

Now before I continue with this story I think I need to answer a question on all your lips. Megadeath, Metallica then The Beautiful South? “That’s a very different change in music Karl?” I like music, all music, if it’s good.

So anyway, onward with the story.

Me and the current girlfriend (same girlfriend in both stories strangely) in 1996 went to see The Beautiful South at the (then) Alfred Mcalpine stadium in Huddersfield. It was a full day festival with 5 bands on the stage, Angelica, Teenage (Something, I can’t remember) then Cast and The Lightning Seeds.

The whole day didnt go to plan.

We had to meet a coach in Rochdale centre to get to the place. We turned up and the coach was waiting so we got on and found a seat. The coach seemed to sit there for ages and the driver announced that he could not set off because he was waiting on 2 people. He was very angry (as were most of the other people on the coach) After a little bit longer he announced if Karl Burrill doesn’t turn up in the next 5 minutes he will leave without him. I was mortified (as was my girlfriend) I then had to do the walk of shame to the front to tell this (angry) driver, I was Karl Burrill and I had been sat on the coach for half an hour also waiting for me (Karl Burrill) to turn up. The journey wasn’t pleasant.

When we got to the stadium all seemed to be good for a while. We found a place at the back for to chill until the good bands came on (well at least the bands we had heard of.) So I went to grab some drinks, I queued for nearly an hour so I thought I’d buy quite a few beers so I don’t have to queue again for a while. Big mistake. Just as Cast was taking to the stage I realised I need the loo (we had made our way toward the stage and was in the thick of the crowd) So I said to my Girlfriend that I needed to go (if you know what I mean) so off I went. I found the toilet no problem (and there wasn’t even a big queue) I had said to my girlfriend to stay put and I will find her again (no problem.) Do you know how many people in the mid nineties had shoulder length brown hair?? At one point I tapped (who I thought was my girlfriend) on the shoulder to announce my return only to be face to face with a bloke. I spent most of the concert alone.

We did meet up again for The Beautiful South set so it all turned out good. But wow it was a hard day.

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