The best part of getting older is having more stories. A to Z – I is for Injury

I am going to tell you about the many injuries I have encountered in my life. Not only my own but injuries I have witnessed.

I haven’t had loads of major injuries in my life, I seem to bounce, I had a friend tell me once that I must be immortal because I have survived some things that most wouldn’t. so let’s start at my youngest one.

When I was little perhaps 3 year old we lived in Littleborough, the family was in the car and pulled up at a shop on Hare Hill road, (I have know idea what for, it was 40 years ago) My Mum, Brother, Sister and I left the car and crossed the road to visit the shop leaving my Dad in the car. My Sister was possibly 1 year old, As we left the shop after buying whatever we had stopped for, I noticed my Dad in the car across the road. I shouted Daddy and set off running straight across the road. I remember being hit by a van and bouncing off the bonnet. If my memory serves me correctly a man with dark curly hair (who was the driver) was stood very very upset about running over a little kid (I hope he didn’t worry for long). I then remember sitting on my mums knee in the car going home with just a sore knee (see I bounce).

My next injury story is about my Sister, This was a few years later, we had gone on holiday in Morecambe and had a day trip out to Heysham, We parked up on a carpark in the centre of this little village, (I think this is the place I bought my first pool cue) The rules in the back seat of the car was that I had one side my Brother had the other and my Sister was in the middle, (she was the youngest so that was the rules, Im sure this happened in many families), As I remember it my brother was on the right this time, so he opened his door to get out and I opened mine. I got out and not realising that my little sister (who was possibly 6) was following me out the left door, I closed the door. Her hand was in the door. She screamed and my Brother did a Starsky and Hutch type leap over the car to save her (he is a medical nurse person now) Her finger was trapped and broken (I think). she has never forgiven me for having a bent finger. Sorry Sis.

When I was 13 the big thing was Skateboards. At that time me and my friends use to hang out on Redbrook school and it had a carpark and a bit of a tarmaced hill, so it was a good skateboarding patch so to speak. (we also dicked about and climbed the roof but that’s another story) We all had our own skateboard at that time and used to meet up to try and look cool on the board. I am useless at stuff like that but I use to try. This one day I decided to ride my board down the hill (a small slope to be fair). Part way down the hill it all went wrong and I came off the board. I dislocated my knee and ripped all the tendons. I crawled home and the next day had to go to Rochdale infirmary. They x-rayed it and strapped it up but didn’t give me crutches. I left the hospital and crawled across lenny barn toward home. A little old lady saw me and offered me a lift back to school. I arrived in art class with a large bandage on my leg with the story that I had done it skateboarding which was cool for a 13 year old. I had many visits to the quacks for my knee over the years and it’s why I never got to be 6 foot tall. I still have pain in that knee and have a bit of a wonky leg. Bloody Skateboards.

Now a couple of stories from my Bingo days.

We use to have a little old lady come in everyday (Bless her but I can’t remember her name) She used to come early and sit in the foyar chatting for a while before the Bingo games began. This day she had got out of her taxi and wandered in and sat day as normal. She then asked for a tissue, I got her one and when I handed it over I realised her hand was covered in blood. She had caught her hand on the taxi door as she left and her skin had come away like tracing paper. She wasn’t bothered about it, “it was a scratch” It was far from that.

We use to have a lot of people visit from nursing homes, some were disabled people, some from old folk homes. I remember getting called to the carpark because a lady was hurt. She had fallen off the wheelchair tailgate, she had a massive gash down her leg, I am not good at blood so grabbed a first aider and ran to ring the ambulance I was in bits. To be very fair to the lady she wasn’t bothered at all, I think the older generation is a bit better at handling stuff like that then me.