The best part of getting older is having more stories. A to Z – J is for Jocelyn

Jocelyn is the forth of my five children and the one I am most connected to as she lives above me. She turned 16 in recent months, She was born in 2005 just over a year after I got with her mother, she was born in Rochdale infirmary, (I wasn’t there, I am not one for all that birth stuff, I was at my first son’s birth but I found it all a bit sticky) She has always been the light of my life, She is very like me you see. even from a very small age Jocelyn (Joss) connected,

When her brother (Alistair see A for ) was born she was very angry that she had to go to the hospital, it was after all her birthday, (Yes I have 2 children born 2 years apart but on the same day).

She started off as a pretty in pink kind of girl, all about flowers and sweet music to make her smile.

Joss came to live with me, (its a long story and I’m sure it will come up in this.) when she was 12, she was so delicate and angry, now I’m nether, we had some hard times of her shouting at me, but I knew she was an amazing child and needed to learn and grow.

I am a single dad and I knew nothing about being that, so it was a learning curve for both of us, as I said she was very angry when she came to me, She had not seen me for 2 years and suddenly I was in charge. Oh and it didn’t help that she had been told I wasn’t very nice. (once again a story for another part).

Joss had been use to a place where shouting was normal, now I don’t do that, So she came here and shouted a lot, its expected, its what she was use to, I sat her down and explained that’s not how I work. I told her that, you have a choice, you either continue shouting and I will shout back, or we don’t. there is another way.