The best part of getting older is having more stories. A to Z – K is for Karl

Now this is going to be an interesting one,

Lets start with my name. I am Karl with a K.

The amount of time I have had to correct people over the spelling of my name is shocking, My parents used to laugh at me when I was young because I always introduced my self as “Karl with a K”

To this day I hate names being spelt wrong and pronounced wrong.

This started I guess from my Mum. When my birth was registered, they spelt my name wrong in the big book. (Yes when I was born they used a pen and paper to register a child.) They named me Carl with a C. My Mum made them cross it out and start again, so I am in that big book twice. I am named after a man from a band, The Move. His Name is Carl Wayne, yes I don’t like it but my middle name is Wayne, good band though. He’s now the lead singer in The Hollies if you want to check him out.

I was a what in the 70s you would call a naughty kid. now you would call me ADHD, or Autistic, I got in trouble all the time, I remember when I was around 5 disappearing with my sister we were found in a field eating flowers, around the same age when ever I went to my Nanas house, as soon as I entered the place I would run to the fridge and drop eggs on the floor. She would chase after me and I would then demand a biscuit, she became know as Nana Biscuit after that.

I grew up of course.