The difference a day makes

26th December 2014

On a grey sky’d Boxing day morning, I decided to venture up on to the hills above Lobden with Black and white images on my mind. It was dreary and cold, the floor was wet and boggy but I was not going to be down-hearted. Big Branches lobden whitworth rochdaleI made my way pasted the golf course to the ruins of Brown Wardle farm. Built in 1709 and demolished for Watergrove reservoir, all that remains are some stone piles, a cellar (which is open so be careful) and a copse of wonderful Sycamore trees, all leafless at this time of year. This is a spot I often use to experiment with my camera, so tripod out and its time to Vintage treesNow you cant walk over this way without at least popping your head over the other side of the moor to look down on the majestic Watergrove Reservoir. After 8 years of construction and £750,000 Watergrove was completed in April 1938 and it is a sight to the water

27th December 2014

If days were colours then yesterday would be Grey. Today however is white and white means snow. Now for me snow is not to be missed. the hardest thing about snow is trying to find some that’s been untouched (There is nothing worst then dirty snow footprints). So a quick flick though Facebook to see where everyone else has been walking so I can go somewhere different. It didn’t take long to decide on Doctors wood.  day Tree and bridgeNow on a map you would find this area named Fern isle wood, known locally as Doctors wood because it was frequented by the Taylor doctors of Whitworth square. From 1750s to the 1870s they use to hike across the village, along the Doctors trail to this wood, where they would collect herbs and roots for the medication they used to treat the ailments of people far and wide.

Running through the wood is Prickshaw brook, that is the source of Spring Mill Reservoir. A reservoir still used to water and wash the people of Rochdale. completed in 1887, this is a great place to see some of Whitworths water fowl. Spring mill in the snow

So from grey to white over night, Whitworth will always keep me busy.

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