Whitworth to Wardle and back again

A sunny Saturday prompted a walk toward Wardle from Whitworth with the Kids.

Wardle is a small village in Rochdale around 2 mile to the east of Whitworth. both have very similar surroundings, mainly because both are in the shadow of the 1312ft Brown Wardle hill. Both also have a very beautiful reservoirs. Whitworth’s is Cowm, Wardle’s is Watergrove. Built in the 1930’s Watergrove was flooded by Rochdale council, submerging the small village of Watergrove (just north of Wardle.) several ruins still remain around the outskirts of the reservoir and in the above hills.

Watergrove Reservoir Wardle Rochdale

The reservoir is now home to lots of wildlife including waterfowl (Mallards, Moorhens, Goosanders etc), Birds of Prey, (Kestrals, Sparrow Hawks) and various mammals. If you are lucky you may catch a glimpse of the Roe deer which frequent the area, Grove buckThe area in between Whitworth and Wardle is typical rugged Pennine moorland, scarred with the marks of previous industry mainly the mining of coal, large shale patch’s and large sink holes remain. The signs of various dwells destroyed for the benefit of Watergrove reservoir are numerous, including lines of culverts used to transport water to¬† irrigate the land in simpler days.Large left tree

This area is now used for many outdoor pursuits. At 1025ft at its highest point Lobden golf club is set in the west of the moorland a tough windy 9 hole course that is often invaded by sheep, cattle and the horses that freely roam the moors. due to the wind and hight factor this part of the pennines is often used by Para-gliders and Para-motorists. Many bridleways cross from Wardle to Whitworth so horse riders are a frequent sight.

coming in to land glider

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